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Touch the Sky I original acrylic painting

I always feel a sense of relief when i sign a painting. To me, it marks a completion. This one, I had an idea, but for most of it, i really didn’t feel where it was going. In the end, it took me where it needed to go and I am, this morning, appreciative of that.

This painting started as an image in my head for practice. I seem to always have something to work towards, something bigger. This painting actually woke me up and screamed, “I am big enough!” This one would not allow me to simply make it a “practice piece”. It became something more.

The images of the process seem to show a concerted effort. Believe me when i say that the painting knew more than I did what was going on.  A few hours before I finished it, I finally let go and let the painting decide. I stopped trying to control the flow and just got on board with it.  Needless to say, it was then that I began to feel it.

In some ways, i’m happy that its finished.  In so many other ways, i wish the experience with this one could have continued as I feel that we were on one accord.  Looking forward to the next one, the next experience, that next feeling.

Thank you to the amazing Jameka Oates for pulling out the pose for me. So many concepts in mind, and i’m sure more will come.  I know we will do a lot of work together!



2 thoughts on “Touch the Sky I original acrylic painting

  1. Marcel Butque

    Life in many ways comes full circle
    Years ago in another life, I became immediately drawn toward your work. My experience was limited to just a few paintings that I recall Angie having. Your technique was fresh and unique to what I had experienced before. Your subject matter and execution was important in evoking a feeling that I am unable to put into words. I believed then more than 25 years ago that not only had God blessed you with a gift, but more importantly that you were sharing that gift with the world. How happy I am that you have returned to putting ink on canvass. Just paint. Your eye as evidenced in your photography is special, but I believe you are limited in a day where everyone has access to equipment and technology that can capture and manipulate a tangible image in limitless ways. Your photography is impressive,please don’t misunderstand my words. A beautiful flower in a field of flowers is much harder to appreciate than a flower that only exists in your soul. Creation is not reflecting reality, it is a reality that exists no where else than within its creator.
    Just paint.

  2. Marcel Burque

    Well done
    It’s a pleasure to see the progression of your work, I enjoy the journey.
    Your commentary adds a flavor that is only tasted in sharing your personal experience and deepens my understanding of the depth and commitment of your efforts. Is Jameka your model?

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