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Never an End in Sight…

Okay, so some months ago, I decided that my life path would be that as a photographer…primarily.  Those who know me know that creating is my passion, regardless of the medium.  I love being creative.  I’m loving what is beginning to come out of my camera.  Its amazing that sometimes, looking at an image, I still have to pinch myself and ask, “seriously? I did that?”

What i’m learning now is, as Paul Harvey would say, “the rest of the story!”

There is so much else that goes into operating a photography business.  It’s not just knowing how to charge for services, its marketing and advertising, its promotions and placement.  It’s all those things that they seemed to have left off of the program syllabus when you were studying in college.  They helped me learn to see and i’m forever grateful for that; however, nobody ever talked about how I would be able to use this “sight” to make a living for myself.

Nope, not a rant (at least, I hope its not).  It is just ramble on the things that I’ve got to be mindful of as I head down this path.  Its not just about creating wonderful photos.  There is also such a thing as finding the next client.

12 thoughts on “Never an End in Sight…

  1. My Dear friend.. I understand this so much.. You know I’m on the same path with you.. It’s a struggle but I think it’s one that is well worth the fight.. Can’t wait for you to SHOOT me and my journey.. 🙂 Full Steam ahead!!!

  2. Carolyn Kyles

    Your dynamic talents speak for themselves…………….Stay with it…….Keep the faith ! Your work of ART is you and ur talents. Continue to put out Excellent Works as you have so far and you’ll have ur season!!!! It’ There are many Journeys to be shot……….It’s all about timing……and your time is almost here! I agree with Ceci………………..YOU HAVE THE MIDAS TOUCH! Wishing U the best and claiming only the best for you!

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