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In the last few months, i think i’ve rediscovered something.  I chose to do a small painting (small by my standards as it was only 16″ x 20″).  Finishing that painting moved me to do another, and another.  This is the feeling that I had forgotten.  This is the feeling i had throughout my college years that kept me in the “painting room” from before 8 a.m. classes and until very late at night…sometimes until early morning hours.  This is the feeling that drop me, that pushed me, that I had to have.

These are the first two that i completed this year.  They are not my usual technique, but they were meant to serve a purpose.  They were meant to make me breathe again.  To begin to see again.  I enjoy the immediacy of photography too much to stop doing that; but, at the same time, these will be better because of what i learned to see with my photos.  And that will be better because of what living feels like again.

untitled-0013-2blog untitled-0012-2blog

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