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Catching Up: Shooting in Auburn

Thanks to Kristen Mitchell for setting up the shoot in Auburn with Ms Tiara Baker.  Tiara is truly a pleasant and gifted spirit who was willing to let me shoot the same image 3 or 4 times just because I wanted it to be right.  She came prepared and was so easy to work with.  I truly hope that this is the first of many shoots with her.  Thank you both for a great afternoon.

The Greystone Mansion is a really nice location and provided us with a couple of different rooms and and some wonderful atmosphere for the day.


GREYSTONE MANSION 0365-Edit GREYSTONE MANSION 0358 GREYSTONE MANSION 0254-Edit20140327-2014-03-27 GREYSTONE MANSION 0220-Edit 20140327-2014-03-27 GREYSTONE MANSION 0281-Edit 20140327-2014-03-27 GREYSTONE MANSION 0330-Edit 20140327-2014-03-27 GREYSTONE MANSION 0348-Edit


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